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Full Version: MR3040 firmware from the "other" app
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I have tried DSLR Controller with the MR3040 flashed with OpenWRT TP-Link TL-MR3040 v1.x and it is working quite well. However, QDSLR Dashboard will not connect so I'm thinking I have to re-flash the MR3040 with the QDD firmware.

1 will trying the QDD Sysupgrade kill my router?
2 do I need to pretend it's a factory firmware and do the 2 step process?
3 should I just purchase a new MR3040?
4 if I can update the router can I update it back to the DSLR Controller version? (I know, why would I want to?)
OK, seems I have everyone stumped so let me revise to a single question.

1. If I have some version of OpenWRT on my router can I simply upgrade to the QDDB version without breaking my router?

"Educated" guesses welcome with no "but you said..." coming back at you. Gunther??

Peter Curley
Did the upgrade without any problems...
Sorry for late answer Sad
Yes you can