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Full Version: Experience with Sony Camera
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Hi to all,

Sry if this question already was answered anywhere else. I got no Results in the search. In the new version of dashboard, there is a Sony Button - but it did not work for me - i refreshed the drivers and connected via USB. I have a Sony alpha 65 and 77. I get no live access - my camera just shows connecting but the dasboard do not answer. Often it even collapses. Do anybody Know if i Do something wrong, or is there no support for my Sony models anywhere? If it so, is there any further support planned and just beta so far?

Thank you Very much for all anderes!

Ive got A77ii and have given up hoping that Sony will fix / open up their camera software to allow smooth connection & operation with various programs/devices such as:
qDSLR dashboard
and any other device out there that control's ISO & speed etc by USB/Wifi.
dDSLR opens up on my Mac mini, but when it doesn't crash and the mac likes the A77ii it occasionally opens up the camera setting page. It has never given me a live view or even let me change any setting whatsoever. it also consistently says i'm not in M mode or Raw+jpeg/jpeg modes when the camera definitely is. the Sony wifi button in qDSLR refuses to do anything as does the DoF calculator thingy (it only acknowledges nikon and can't change to any other camera in drop down list) and all attempts to get the sony DSLR to connect to a Mac with ANY of the official Sony software results in 100% crash success rate.

Great camera & LRTimelapse deflicker does great job but for butter smooth hassle free holy grail methods i'd avoid Sony as its just a pain in the ass