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Full Version: Auto Holy Grail with external intervalometer
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I try to use qDslrDashboard v0.2.3 for time lapse, the Auto Holy Grail worked well when i use the app interval timer, but I want to use an external intervalometer.
The UI of the app is different from the web documentation, how I can activated the Auto Holy Grail for my external intervalometer?

I'm use canon 700d with TPLink router

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Exactly like you do with the internal one. Just start the intervalometer on the camera, click on "Display next JPG" and after you have found the right settings for brightness, activate "Auto Holy Grail".
thanks, it's working fine Smile
Hello - I have not tried this just yet since I just got the Emotimo TB3, but I figured I'd ask before I try to avoid wasting time. If I am doing a sunset holy grail using the TB3 built in intervalometer in conjunction with qdslr dashboard, will that negatively affect the outcome? What I mean is for example if I programmed the TB3 intervalometer to take a frame (interval time) every 5 seconds to start, with shutter speed at say 1/100 second with it still being daylight as an example. As it gets darker and ultimately gets dark, my shutter speed will end up at 20 seconds. So by my calculations it would go from taking a frame every 5 seconds to in the end every 25 seconds (20 second shutter speed + 5 second interval time). But not sure if this is how the TB3 works. Do you know if the TB3 will automatically adjust the intervalometer accordingly as the time the shutter is open increases? Or will it throw the TB3 off since the initial interval time is set to take a frame every 5 seconds. I'm hoping not since the main reason I purchased the TB3 was to work it into holy grail time lapses with qdslr dashboard and LRTimelapse 3. Cheers.
The inteval time always includes the exposure time. So if you use a 5 secs interval on the emotimo, you won't be able to use more then 3 secs exposure time. Emotimo does not allow for interval ramping, so you will have to chose the longest interval from the start. Normally you mostly don't need 20sec interval at all, you can use shorter ones. Even when ramping till the wilkyway, I often use shorter intervals with large aperture lenses and high isos. Ramping the interval (we already discussed it here a couple of times, please search) - will mostly lead to visible accelerations, especially if you have stars involved.
Thanks Gunther. I understand. Cheers.