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Full Version: LR TimeLapse Feature Thought
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So far I am impressed with how LRTL has been working. What I was thinking about was the issue with how I set up my camera with the qDSLR Dashboard wireless router control. The connectivity is not reliable so far.

Ok, so how does it sound if you made an Ardiuno based remote control that we could plug our camera into for full control. And using the computer based LRTL software to program what we wanted to do, then export those camera commands to the remote device. The remote device would also have an input from any motion control gear so that when the motion control device sends the trigger command, the LRTL device would just use that as its own internal trigger. The LRTL device would handle the ISO, Exposure time etc of the camera.

Is this possible with something along the lines of an Arduino based device. The reason being is that hooking a computer up and keeping it running is a power issue. Wireless control is not reliable. But a purpose built box that controlled the cameras basic functions based on the exported process from LRTL might make for a confident way to perform Holy Grail commands or even just basic stuff. The motion control devices seem to be more focused on moving your camera, than the important settings required for perfectly exposed frames.

Anyway, it was just a thought and I figured why not post it and see what people thought.

I found qDslrDashboard to be pretty reliable in the latest version. Some bugs are fixed and I didn't have a single crash anymore.
It does everything you need. Maybe you could elaborate which problems you are experiencing in the dslrdashboard forum? I know that Zoltan, the developer, reads there aswell.

I'm not a hardware developer but Arduinos are most likely to slow to do the image processing and histogram analysis.
Thank you for replying. I had my camera setup with qDSLR Dashboard, I had just bought the router and installed the lastest firmware I believe. Anyway, for some reason I was losing the connection to the router from my iPad.

Could this be due to the iPad falling asleep? It never faded nor did the screen go to sleep.

I guess what I ended up explaining was what is similar to the Kessler CineDrive. Kessler uses the iPad software to setup the keyframe moves, then exports the info to the CineDrive. But the CineDrive costs over $2,000 US dollars. It just seems that if LRTimeLapse software is capable of creating these keyframes of data for ISO, Shutter etc, and the "tweening" is basically calculating the change from A to B divided over the duration of frames or time equals the amount of change for each exposure.

If this keyframe information was saved out to represent something like:
Frame1, RAW FILE, Exposure 20 sec, Color Temp 5600
Frame2, RAW FILE, Exposure 15 sec, Color Temp 5600
Frame3, RAW FILE, Exposure 10 sec, Color Temp 5600

Does it take that much of a powerful computer to apply the calculation, as opposed to the computer (iPad) used to calculate the changes from A to B? I guess I just thought it was more a matter of proper communication protocol. I have never programmed anything, so I am just guessing.

thanks for your thoughts
In the latest Version Zoltan told me he found a way to prevent iOS from sleeping. Otherwise you can just turn the Auto-Screen-Off off somewhere in the settings.