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Full Version: Can I use qdslr dashboard with a Lumix?
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Hi people - Firstly a special thanks to Gunther for his work with timelapse in general and bringing everyone together to share their knowledge. And of course Zoltan for his wizardry with QDSLR DASHBOARD.
I have a couple of questions for you all:
1.) We are successfully using QDSL with a Canon 5D Mk3 via the TP-LINK, but I wonder if anyone knows if I can use it with a LUMIX GX1?
2.) I saw Gunther using QDSL with a digital slider and was wondering how he got the slider motion and QDSL to synch? My understanding is the electronics on the slider usually control both the interval and the shutter. However QDSL also controls the interval and the shutter release.
I hope someone can help steer me.
The slider will trigger the camera release. qDslrDashboard will only listen, read the previews and eventually adjust the settings. In that scenario you don't use the timer in qDDB.
Hi Gunther,
As you say, the SMS slider controller normally triggers the camera's shutter as well as moving it down the dolly, but as soon as we attach QDSL via the TP-LINK, select 'Auto Holy Grail' and hit go on the SMS controller it stops the slider from triggering the shutter release and merely moves it along the dolly. Any further pointers would be much appreciated...
That must have something to do with the configuration of your controller. Make sure that it only sends a short trigger impulse to the camera. Set the camera to single shot. It's no difference to working with an external intervalometer. BTW which controller are you using?
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Just to wrap things up, we managed to get the QDSLR to work with our slider with a lot of playing around. Thanks for your steering...