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Full Version: DslrDashBoard vs qDslrDashBoard
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Hi everyone,

I downloaded both app on my android device and i wonder wich one is better for LRtimelaps and auto holy-grail process.

It seams that both do the job.

Gunther first video talks about DDB.
Second one about qDDB.

So what are the differences between the 2 apps and which one suite best for auto holy-grail ?

And why is DDB "official" (downloadable through google market) and qDDB not ?
(downloadable through with 2 versions ARM & X86 which is tricky)


qDDB is the newer version, the old DDB ist not being supported anymore. Please definielty go for qDslrDashboard and install the latest version from
The ARM version installed fine onto my Nexus 7 tablet. Lucky guess.
Ok thanks Gunther.

I will stay with QDDB for now.