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Full Version: exposure over time with qDSLRD and LRT mode
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Hi, was out shooting last night using 6d via wifi to xperia Z running latest qDSLRdashboard in LTRimelaps mode, mostly defaults I think 8 sec max shooting 10 sec intervals (only got to 1sec shots before quiting). Sunset direction.

I was shooting moving cloud at sunset exposure went from 1.50th to 1 second.

Exposure remained pretty constant , which is what is supposed to happen I guess BUT..

It was getting gradually darker, I would like to capture that somehow, how do I acheive that in this mode? Or do I do it in post?

I assume I will max ISO and shutter when it gets full dark but it seemed wierd to me that my last shot (when quite dark) looked the same as the first (exposure). I know this is the point of the whole thing but wont this create a rapid darkening gradient later?
You will do the actual transition in post, but it might make sense to use the +/- Buttons in qDDB besides "Set reference now" to decrease reference if you feel the images are too bright and increase it, if you feel they are getting too dark.
This always allows you to fine tune.
Thanks Gunther , thought it may be something like that.

Slowly getting the hang of it all!