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Full Version: IO exception
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I finally got the program on the TP link, and went through everything in the tutorial, but now when I try to connect I get an IO exception message. How do I go about trouble shooting to find out where the problem is. I'm not a techie, so please make any explanations easy to understand.
Okay, if a technical explanation is the only one I can get, than give me that and I'll get someone to help me understand.
I have the exact same problem. Did the firmware hack successfully according to video tutorial, same error notice Unable to Connect (IO exception). I noticed a new test version on a post from earlier this year, but after clicking on link, the file was not there to be found. Really hoping to use this device, and not even sure I can return it since I've changed the firmware. If anyone can shed some light it on this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
Hi Melani, I finally did get mine to work following the instructions from this link from DSLR Dashboard website, I did end up having to do it twice which is what threw me off the first time. Hope it works for you too.