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Full Version: Auto direction button ?
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Sorry if I missed information about this feature, I made some search without finding explanation about such a feature.
I guess that it is a way to authorize both directions changes during either a sunset or a sunrise ?
Somewhere I read that the advice was to have changes in only one direction in order to have the lrtimelapse efficient ,
so how to use this feature or not, what about the parameter, being at 40% as a default value?
Thank you very much.
best regards
Hi Dominique, that features allows qDDB to ramp in the other direction as well during a sunrise or sunset. This might be useful, if for example you want to cover a moon rising in the middle of the night, where you started with the sunset and then want the system to automatically go in the other direction after the moon rises.
40% is just a good threshold to prevent the algorithm from going back and forth between ramping up and down (this might happen if you use lower values).
I admit that I don't use that feature often, mostly I switch directions manually, if needed.
Hi Gwegner.
Thank you very much for this explanation,
that is very clear.
Best regards