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Full Version: QDSLR Dashboard skipping frames?
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I was testing out QDSLR Dashboard today, using the intervalometer within the application.

Once the time-lapse was stitched together I noticed that it seems a few frames are missing (or more likely the camera has not fired). It looks as though it misses a shot and then attempts to make up for it by shooting another quickly after it manages to fire the camera.

A link to the time-lapse is here:

You can notice at ~7 seconds, ~16 seconds and a lot at ~22 seconds.

I am running QDSLR from a Samsung Galaxy S3 to a 5Dmkii. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps the phones processor cannot keep up? As it seems to get worse as it gets darker (and the shutter gets longer) leaving less 'dark time'. I was using a 7 second interval with a max 4 second shutter.

Any ideas on a solution? Or is a faster device needed to control the camera?

*There is also a dark circle in the top right that becomes more apparent as the scene gets darker, I am assuming it is a mark somewhere but I can't find anything on the sensor.
My esperience is that you need a bit more "darktime" inbetween longest shutter time and interval when shooting with the internal timer.
With an external timer, depending on the camera and settings I can use a darktime of 2.5-3 secs, with the internal timer rather 4 seconds. Just try this with the longes shutertime and interval before shooting a real sequence. The exact values depend on your setup.
Thank-you. I appreciate the quick reply, I will go out and leave a longer dark time or try with an external timer to resolve the issue.

4 second darktime with the internal timer fixed the issue. Thanks again.