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Full Version: Sony A7R and qdsrl 2.4 connection problems
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Is there anybody in this community that was able to put the sony A7R (firmware 1.0.2) working with qdsrl 2.4 in a tab/phone?

If so, can you say in witch platform phone/tab, Mac/PC?

I tried with three different tabs and different mobile phones, I just can't put it to work.

peter light

Sorry I don't have an A7 but I do have aA600 that I connect to ok.

Assuming the A7 is the same, you first need to get the Sony wireless broadcasting by starting a play memories App.

The Sony will give you a password.

This password Can then be used on the IPad, in my case, to log into the Sony wireless network.

Then start QDD and use the Sony wireless button to connect.

Hope thus helps, but note the LRT holy grail doesn't yet work over wireless to a Sony.
Hi Garry!

Thanks for the info, but in the meantime I was able to connect and control the sony with wif, and yes the control functions of the camera in qdsrl are not yet full implemented.

1. For anyone trying the same thing, install the latest firmaware of sony v1.1 and install the sony smart remote control v3.1 app in the camera.

2. In the camera, lunch the camera remote control. It will provide you the device name and a password.

3. In the tab/mob/ipad go to wifi networks and select the ilce 7r and input the provided password given by the camera.

4. lunch qdsrl and press the sony wireless buttom and it will find the sony camera.

best of luck

Currently I'm without the NEX6 I had for adding/testing the Sony wireless code.
I should soon get an a5100 and will continue improving the Sony wireless support.
As far I know the a5100 has also USB connection with PTP and if yes I will also add that (probably this will also allow controlling the other Sony cameras that support PTP over USB) - not sure witch one as there is no documentation from Sony for that).
Hi Zoltan,

Many thanks for the new IOS compatible version.
It works perfectly with my Nikon D610/TPlink 3040 combo, so I'm really hoping you can get hold of a Sony body soon to improve support there.
I'm currently using a Sony A6000 with an ipad3. With help from the earlier posters on this thread I've achieved connection (thanks all) but at the moment it seems that you actually have to get the Sony Playmemories app up and running every time before qDSLR can find the camera.

No complaints though, and keep up the good work!
OK, skip that.

qDSLR launches without first launching Playmemories — it just seems to need three or four presses of the 'Sony' button to achieve connection.