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Full Version: qDslrDashboard und GPS-Daten
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Hallo Forum,

beschäftige mich mal wieder mit den Möglichkeiten von qDslrDashboard und vermisse die Möglichkeit, die GPS-Daten in den Exif-Daten zu speichern, es sei denn, ich habe das übersehen. War eine hilfreiche Sache, wenn die Kamera (D800, D7000) keinen integrierten GPS-Tragger besitzt.
Kommt das mal wieder in einem zukünftigen Update?

Beste Grüße


I think I posted this thread in the wrong language. Maybe in English it could help to get a reply.
Currently I am busy again with the qDslrDashboard and I am missing the possibility to save the GPS data in the Exif data unless I did not recognise it in the software. In the old DslrDashboard it was a helpful feature to record them if cameras like D800 or D7000 do not have a internal GPS-Tragger.
Perhaps it could be in an update in the future?

Best regards
I hope in some of the future versions I can add this feature.
The only limitation is that the image must be downloaded to your local device (and in case of RAW files this can take some time)
Thanks a lot for your answer.
Why must it be the RAW file? You are right a RAW file of a Nikon D800 is too big. But in the old DslrDashboard I could decide to download the JPG or the RAW file. The GPS data was embedded in the file which I chose.
At the moment I run both Dashboard versions on my Nexus. With the old one my camera is connected via USB. So I can download a JPG file with GPS data first when I start to take pictures in an new area on my journeys. Then I change to qDslrDashboard connected via Wlan.
Best regards
It was just an example for RAW files. I hope in future I can add that feature to qDD to.