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Full Version: dslr dashboard and ipad
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I'm just getting started with using the dslr dashboard application and automating the holy grail method. I shoot with Nikon gear d800 and d7100 and would like to use my iPad rather than having to purchase more gear unnecessarily. Can I use my iPad and or iPhone with dslr dashboard and if so what additional hardware do I need to purchase.

Thanks so much for your help.

Dave Lindey
Niagara Region Canada
There is a iOS version of qDslrDashboard available via iTunes store. You will have to use the TPLink router approach like explained in my article to connect the Nikons via WiFi.
Thanks Gunter

One last question.

I am searching for the TP-Link MR3040 wireless router and I see 2 models. MR3040 3G/4G or IEEE 802.11n.

Which one?

Thanks again

Dave Lindey
Niagara Region Canada
Don't know normally those should be the same.