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Full Version: Won't render more than 1 second of video
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I have LRtimelapse with a personal license and for some reason my program wont render more than about 1 second of video. It seems to get stuck on 25frames (in the render loading bar) out of a 294 frame sequence and then just stops. The resulting video that is produced is only 1 second long despite the fact it should be 9. In the exported file that came out of lightroom I have checked and all 294 frames are there. Furthermore, it even says 25/294 in the render loading bar in the bottom left hand side of my programme screen.

I have a full personal license and I even exported another sequence in the same session that was 315 frames long and it worked perfectly. I have no idea why this keeps happening. Please help!
Please check this faq thread:
most likely it's a problem with different aspect ratios/crops.
Thanks for the reply, you were absolutely right. Working fine now! Thanks!