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Full Version: Can't delete files from qDDB
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I'm embarrassed to say I can't do something as simply as deleting files using qDDB. I'be been using qDDB for more than a year. My work around to delete original RAW files (not thumbs) has been to find the containing folder using the OS file manager and deleting. In other words, on Android navigate to the folder, select the file and delete. For Windows 7, navigate to the folder containing the RAW images, select and hit delete.

qDDB has "Images Tab" and within that tab a "Trash Can" icon. Hitting the trash can on Android tablet and Windows 7 laptop does nothing. The files are not deleted.

I've been using DDB since 1.x and recently 2.6 and as of today 2.7.

What is the purpose of the "Trash Can"? Why doesn't it delete files. What am I missing?

Did you selected the files that you want to delete?
If no file is selected no file will be deleted
Thank you, I can now delete images. However, here was my confusion and a solution.

The "Trash Can" should be GRAYED out until it is a valid option. It should only be visible after the user has selected the "Selection Icon". I have been hitting the Trash Can icon without first hitting the Selection Icon because it looked like a valid option. Hitting the selection icon, I can now delete photos but ...

Is there a way to "Select All"? If there is not a way to Select All, I will continue to use the OS to deleted files, it is too tedious to select hundreds of photos one by one. Chances are I am still doing something wrong. How can I easily delete hundreds of photos?

Thanks for the response and help,