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Full Version: qDslrDashboard finally working with Canon 7D and Nexus 7
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Since one week, I have been testing the LrTimelapse function of qDslrDashboard v but I have had some serious troubles with my setup (Nexus 7 / Canon 7D / TP Link TL-MR3040).

I wasn't able to take more than 10 or 20 pictures before qDD quits or the camera freezes with Err 70.

After browsing the dslrdasboard forum, I found a post with a link to a new build of qDD (v (see post #4 from hubaiz).

I just installed this build and since more than one hour, my camera and qDD is working without any issue.

If anyone out there has similar problems, it might be worth trying this build.

Here is a detailed list of my setup:

Canon 7D (FW 2.0.3)
Canon Remote Controller TC-80N3
Asus Nexus 7 / Android 5.0.2
TP Link Router TL-MR3040 V1 (ddserver v 0.2-13)
qDslrDashboard V0.2.7.2

I will do some further testing and let you know, how it works.

Yes there is a problem in the V0.2.7 that will manifest on some of the Canon DSLR.
I did more test version, the last two are:


Hi Zoltan

Thanks, I will do some more tests with the new Version. I just started a new time-lapse half an hour ago and until now, it works super smooth. No crash of qDD and no error on the camera.

I have also a 5D Mark II and a 5D Mark III so I can do some more testing and tell you the results.
Just a short follow up:

qDD V0.2.7.2 crashed this afternoon after 30 minutes (480 pictures).

I then updated to V0.2.7.11 and did another test. After 1000 Images and a little more then 1 hour, qDD was still running fine without any issues.

All the tests were done with the Canon 7D.