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Full Version: Connection to D750
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I cant get no wifi-connection between Nikon D750 and qDSLR dashboard. I get the message "Failed to connect to Nikon wireless DSLR".
On the Nexus 7 menu, under Wifi, the "Nikon _WU2_..." confirm that it is connected.
In the Nikon D750 menu the Wifi is on, and the only option is SSID, and there i can read the exact same code (Nikon_WU_...).
But no connection.
I also have the option in the Nikon Wifi menu, "Push on button WPS" and "WPS with PIN code".
When i use the last one, i can read in the Nikon menu that i shall push the WPS-button on the tablet, but cant find none.
You might want to establish the connection with the Nikon App first. Then make sure to uninstall (!) the Nikon App, because it blocks the wifi connection. Then try qDDB.
What is the Nikon app? Is there something i have on the tablet?
After reading the documentation, i really cant figure out what kind of app this is.
The official Nikon app from the play store.
I did that, installed the app, uninstalled it, and now i got the connection! So thank you Gunther for your extreme rapid answer!