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Full Version: Can i still buy LRT3?
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So the day i decided to buy LRT3, my credit card broke. Next day i found out LRT4 is out and its out of my budget. Can i still buy LRT3 ?
LRTimelapse 4 has exactly the same price like LRTimelapse 3. There is no difference. LRT3 ist not available anymore.
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. reason why i asked is because i remember the LRT3 Pro edition was 99 Euros but i could be mistaken since the regular license is 99 as well.

Another question i'd like to ask, im used to traveling and i have a laptop as well as desktop PC. Can one license cover both machines? Or in other words: can i install one license on 2 machines that i own?
The price of the Pro license didn't change. It was always 249€.
You can use each license on up to two computers, regardless if mac or pc, see: