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Full Version: LRT4 LR CC Export version issue
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Hi, Love the program.

Loaded LRT4 build 62 (assume this is the[/size][/font] latest with the LRTExport fix) but the LR CC plugins stay at LRT3 level (vers 3.4.0).

Have uninstalled and reinstalled LRT4 several times, also cleared all LRT3 files from trash etc.

Nothing seems to work. Could i get a hold of just the new LRTExport build and load that manually in to LR CC or is there anything you could suggest?

In Lightroom open the Plugin Manager (File/Plugin Manager) then check that no old LRTExport plugin is activated (deactivate there if necessary). Check that the current plugin is there, and possible activate it. You will see the versions of the Plugins there as well and you will be able to reload them from there as well. Please try, if you can fix it this way.
Thanks for the quick response.

I did do the things you mention previously though. No other version pops up when i disable/enable, or do a reload. And when i go "show in finder" its the one from 2014 only.

Should i "disable" in LR then reinstall LRT4 - would that make any difference? Anything else welcomed.

Hmm, then please try opening the LRT4 installer (just download the latest version again to be on the safe side). Close Lightroom. Then run the uninstall script from inside the DMG to get rid of the old version. Then install again.
have done that several times for no change I am afraid.
I have even uninstalled LR CC and reloaded that as well. Still same Export version being used.
I also run a macbook pro and upgraded LRT4 on that and all is well. So there is something amiss with my iMac version but can't nail what it is. LRT3 was going so well !


I had same problem but uninstalling LRT4 using attached script helped.
I'll just add that installing LRT4 over existing LRT3 installation on Mac was some kind of problematic because program was updated but was 'using' old icon and name (LRT3).

There's also some confusion in build numbers - latest supposed to be 63 but it's showing 62 on splash screen.

Apart from that - Gunther - great update, kudos!
Build 62 is still the build of the LRTimelapse core program. I've just released an upgrade for the LRTExport plugin, only this has the number 63.

@LesWillPhoto : the only thing I could imagine is, that you are storing your presets with the catalog? see:

Apart from this: LRTimelapse installs the Plugins into: /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/
If this fails, the modules might still be in /temp/LRTExport - check there as well and copy them manually, if necessary.
will try what you suggest in morning. Late here in Australia.
Thanks again for your attention to this.
Will report back,
Hi Gunther,

Just wanted to say that I too have experienced the same issues that Les and marek have mentioned in this thread.

I have no export plugins whatsoever, and have installed and uninstalled (using the uninstall script on the installation dmg) multiple times.

I note that your download page refers to Build 63, but all of my downloads (up until a few minutes ago) seem to be for build 62.

Also, like marek, when I first installed LRT 4 its seemed to over-write the old LRT 3 application but keep its name, so clicking on "LRTimelapse 3" actually launched LRT 4.

All in all, I've just had some very odd experiences with this LRT 4 installation. Any suggestions or fixes would be much appreciated.

I am running Lightroom 5 on Mac 10.7.5. I previously had LRT 3 installed with no problems.
So what exactly is your problem - did you read and try what I wrote here?
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