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Full Version: export button grayed out
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my export button is grayed  out when i want to export my pictures to lrtimelapse from lightroom i am attaching a screen shot
thank you
Obvioulsy the LRTimelapse app can not be found under Applications/LRTimelapse

Please check, if the name is right and you have the LRTimelapse app in the Applications folder. You might use the "Select" button to locate it.
Hello Gunther  can you tell me why  my lrtimelapse 3 still in my aplication folder dispite i upgraded to lrtimmelapse 4  but in my aplication folder i do not finf lrtimelapse 4  
[attachment=1200][attachment=1200][attachment=1200]thank you
Hi, I assume only the name is wrong. This sometimes happens on Mac. To fix it, make a spotlight search for LRT4 and trash all instances of LRTimelapse, then reinstall the latest one.