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Full Version: lrtimelapse tilting my images
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Hi there. I just purchased lrtimelapse, but have been using the trial for about 6 months. One issue I have run into (rarely) is that the program will tilt the images little by little throughout the sequence, resulting in an unusable timelapse.

I have no idea why/how this is happening. The RAW images are straight, it's not a result of carelessness. Basically, after editing and reloading xmp data, the first image will be straight, then each image will be a fraction of a degree more tilted, and by the end of the sequence the image will be nearly 45 degrees..... I'm probably doing something wrong, but I'm at a loss. 

Could anyone chime in with some words of wisdom? Thanks
So I have done some experimenting.

By unchecking the straighten angle option, and only using the aspect ration option when syncing the crop, the issue does not seem to occur. Is it not recommended to use the straighten angle option?
If you mean the "Upright" function in LR? No, you shouldn't use that. Manual perspective correction might be used, but take care to have it being the same on all (key)frames.
Thank you for the reply. I really appreciate your work and am happy to see you interacting with your users Smile

I mean the function of altering the horizon angle in crop. Not sure if this is referred to as the "upright" function.
No, "upgright" is the automatic perspective correction in Lightroom.

If you are referring to rotating the crop, this works but only, if you take care not to change the aspect ratio of the keyframes.

If your sequence starts tilting without any reason, you have different aspect ratios on the keyframes. Remember that the LRT Sync Script does not sync the Crop (technical limitation) - so make sure to bring any changed crop on the first keyframe to the others by using Lightroom's Sync only (!) for the crop! Check out my explanation in the workflow section:

Please check these faq too, they will tell you something about animating the crop in LRTimelapse:
I am having 'tilting' issues as well. They are more prevalent for me though, maybe 1/4 of attempts at Holy grail sequences, but 100% of sequence attempts on an OBX trip i am on now.

On my last sequence i got a little bit experimental. After "Auto Transition". I saved, went to LR, read the Metadata, & voila - gradual TILT exactly as described in Jesse Rockwells post! Keyframes prior to "Auto Transition" - fine. Frames after "Auto Transition" - tilted.

My methodology has been (in the first LR develop processing step) to crop the 1st keyframe to 16x9, tilt the horizon if needed, go to Full LRT sequence, ctrl-A to include all frames, then synch the crop, both Aspect Ratio & Straighten Angle (Synching no other variables but process version).
In my mind, that problem is handled! but lo & behold, after Auto Transition, the Tilt is there - Ruining the sequence.

When i made a repeat attempt & unchecked "Straighten Angle" it made no difference, unlike the case described above by Jesse Rockwell.

What & where is the setting to stop this?  Where is it getting this idea to introduce the Tilt? When i was editing the keyframes in good faith they were fine, no unwanted tilt. I notice in one of your responses you say the aspect ratio may be changed - but how could it change - if i never touch crop tool after the initial ctrl-A copy crop to all frames in the sequence?

Other sequences have worked fine, no problem. But if a sequence has the problem, repeated attempts at processing the sequence result in repeated Tilt results - pretty frustrating.

I'm sure i'm overlooking something, but don't see what it is or where to look next.


The tilting gets introduced when one keyframe has a different aspect ratio then the others. This might for example happen, if you remove an image in the sequnces from the lightroom catalog: then you think you have edited given all keyframes the same crop/ar, but there is still an additional frame with another ar in the folder that LRTimelase will see and use for the transition.

So please double check that the folder in LR is in sync (right click on it in the library, then "Synchronize folder").
In LRT before applying the transition, check the "Crop" columns for any differing values - if in doubt, right click on the column header of one of those and "Fill down".
Thanx. Based on your comments, I thought maybe my main error was not right clicking for "Go to folder in Library" as i did sometimes get all the way to export step & then it would remind me of it. When i was more careful in usage of that button, i had a sequence go better. This morning though, i was carefull to click that right before copying my crop, but lo & behold, in LR after reading the metadata the tilt re-appeared.

This time i saw it & in LRT used your click header & copy values down trick, which seems to have worked. This does effectively solve the problem - i should be able to go back & fix some of those earlier sequences which i didn't know how to deal with at the time.

Thanx again,

hi there jesse.. have you already settle your tilt problem? i am also got the same problem.. still searching the solution to the problem.
Has there been a solution to this. Mine does the same thing. i am absolutely positive all the keyframes are correct and the same ration. But then when run through LR timelapse they are rotating??
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