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Full Version: Messy Holy Grail Sequence
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Hi Folks... looking for a bit of help with a messy HG sequence.

I've been shooting with DslrDashboard + the HG method successfully over the last year and a bit. Unfortunately on a recent shoot my TP-Link packed up, and I had to do things manually.

As a result of multi-tasking with a second camera, I did accidentally end up with some back to back exposure decreases i.e. Shot -> +0.3EV -> +0.3EV again. So there is a run of images for example where I have 2*, 3*, 2*, 2*, 2*, 3* images instead of repeating 2/3* pairs.

When I tried putting the sequence together I ended up with some very weird results; wild swings in exposure for example.

Is it possible to do anything to save the sequence?

It's quite a nice sequence so I'm happy to put some work into it, but I'm unsure about the best way to do it, or if it is even possible.

LRTimelapse does not support subsequent adjustments on adjacent frames too well. HG-Wizard tries to correct, but it cannot know about the progression in darkness while those adjustments happen.
You might try to smoothen out everything with a couple of deflicker/refine steps at the end, if it's not too bad, it might work.
Next time always try to leave at least 2 or 3 frames inbetween each adjustment at the camera.
Thanks Gunther - yeah I know that had I stopped to think about it, but in between watching a second camera I just made a mess of things, especially with being used to DslrDashboard doing everything.

I was just hoping there might have been a way of doing it manually for the problem sections Sad