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Full Version: Sound Alert Notifications when Visual Previews Finish
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It would be super helpful to have sound alert notifications for long processes (for example, visual preview generation) or anything where we would normally turn our attention away to another window or walk away and have a coffee.

I often find myself browsing the interwebs in Chrome only to realize my visual previews have rendered long ago.

thanks, Gunther!
The batch processes already have that acoustic notification. If you have LRTimelapse Pro, you can put the visual preview generating process in the background and directly continue with the editing of the next sequence. Once the visual previews are finished, you'll hear the sound.
Sorry to disturb you.  Yes, I do have the pro version. I have tried it many times but still I hear no sound even on 100% volume after visual previews are finished.  I have the application setting marked as shown here:
[Image: application_settings.jpg]

Is there anything else I need to do?

Thank you for your time!
It only plays when the visual previews are being generated in background, as a batch process. So just start the visual preview generation and change to another sequence. You will get a dialog asking you, if you would like to proceed generating the VP in background. Agree, continue your work and after they are done, you'll get the sound.
Do you think it's possible to implement a finished sound even when the process (visual preview generation, timelapse render, etc.) is in the foreground?  I'm on only a dual core laptop and I tend not to run background processes due to system limitations.

Or even better, perhaps you can incorporate the process's percentage finished into the window title (similar to Lightroom) which would allow me to use autohotkey to read the window title and implement my own beep when the process hits 100%.  This would also allow for a quick glance at the Windows taskbar to see the progress of the process.

I agree that this would be really useful in the foreground and for private license users as well.  Seems like an odd thing to limit to pro users.
It's not explicitely limited to pro users, it's just only implemented for batch processes.
I'll consider to add it for the visual preview completion.