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Full Version: Rendering at 1/2 Speed & Frame Blending
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Hi LRT Brains Trust!

I have come into an issue where I need to slow down my sequences to match pace/mood of film. I have LRT Private Licence and Adobe CC so I must be able to achieve a usable result.

I've tried 
- using the raw images as an image sequence in AE then Pixel Motion effect - produces artefacts
- rendering at 1/2 speed, with LRT Plus Motion Blur low setting (don't have pro) applied from LRT then Pixel Motion in AE - again artefacts

Its quite frustrating as I only have 9 sequences where I need to apply this and using the LRT 1/2 speed & LRT Plus Motion Blur is only just not good enough for the job

What would you do? 



My Project -
Try doing the slow down in after effects too!

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Oh yeah, done that too.

imported image sequence - time stretch - pixel motion blur. my main problem seems to be with artefacts with the pixel motion effect

Currently I'm trying a 1/2 speed LRT render with LRT Plus Motion Blur low then adding 25 layers of that video in AE with base layer set at 100% opacity but all others are at 50% and offset by one frame. For the most of the shots are of fog moving in a static frame so this will surly get me something smooth... right Smile
Export from LRT at 1/2 speed with LRT Motion Blur low - Import into Ae base layer at 100% 6 Layers offset by 1 frame at

1 5% +6 Frames
2 10% +5 Frames
3 20% +4 Frames
4 35% +3 Frames
5 50% +2 Frames
6 75% + 1 Frame
base 100 %

This is AE stuff.... If you apply such effects there, don't render from LRTimelapse with Motion blur plus. Just bring the intermediary jpg or tiff sequence (in the LRT_ folder) directly into AE. Then do the rest there.

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