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Full Version: Timing sequence needs tweaking
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Well I finally rewired the LCD display properly with the ground connected to the SainSmart ground and the positive red wireconnected to pin number 12 (according to the pin schematics). Different than your original illustration.

When I turn on my camera pushing each button trips the shutter.  I am able to program a particular sequence with interval and number of shots.  But initially it just fires off at about half second intervals.  If I push the right button it goes into "pause" mode.  And then it enters the proper sequence but does not show the sequencing and countdown display. In other words, it does work but not properly.

There seems to be software instruction problems.  Not sure whether this requires some tweaking of the software instruction code or whether you have encountered this.

Many thanks,
Many people have already built the timer without problems. So there is no software problem. But since you said, your contacts are different then in my instructions, I guess you are using a different hardware for the display shield. This might cause different kinds of problems that unfortunately I cannot sort out.
I'd recommend trying to get the shield that I am using and everything will work fine.