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Full Version: NTC in qDSLRDashboard
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can anyone explain how the new Night Time Compensation function works in the latest version of qDSLRDashboard and how to set it for a Holy Grail timelapse?

NTC stands for "Night time compensation". It's a very cool feature, that I invented to not have to change the reference value anymore manually when shooting holy grail. I'm so happy that Zoltan implemented it now!

Basically you just turn it on after activating Holy Grail. It will use GPS to get the current location and compute the dawn times.
Between dawn and total darkness then the reference value will get "ramped down". The value defined for NTC defines how strong the difference is. I'd recommend to stay with the default value of 2. It will will bring down the reference to 1/2 during the transition time.
For sunrise of course, quite the opposite applies.
Try it out and let me know!
That sounds really interesting. Indeed pictures have a tendency to get too bright with Auto Holy Grail, and manual adjustments to reference have always been kind of a "black box" for me. I will give it a try and let you know, thanks!
I already posted this on another thread..

It works like a charm ?

It certainly does.  I ran a sunset to milky way HG last night with NTC set. What a difference, no progressive brightening after ramping, and it did not go to maximum ISO either.  Nice to see read-out also of time of sunset etc.

An excellent, smart enhancement. Great concept well implemented :-)
Hi, I have been shooting HG timelapse for the last two days and used the NTC. Although I haven't had the time yet to edit the sequences on my PC I could definitely see the difference while shooting. Never had the impression of an overexposed image at dusk (when usually I had to adjust reference quite often.) Great feature!
Night Time Compensation (NTC) sounds like a very interesting functionality. However, in my IOS version of qDDB (v3.5.3) I cannot find it. When going to the App Store to explore possible new versions, I find that qDDB no longer is available for download at all. Besides, on v 3.5.3 appears to be the latest anyway. Can anybody, please, shed some light on this?
Unfortunately qDslrDashboard has been removed by Apple from the store for silly reasons. Zoltan is fighting to get it back in. This is the disadvantage of a company having too much power and not offering open alternatives to install apps. It's a shame.

When Zoltan finds a way to bring the App back into the Apple store, it will have the NTC option too. It's in the latest version.
Thank you, Gunther, for a quick and enlightening answer, and yes, I certainly hope that Zoltán can manage to get this back in the App Store. Why on earth would they remove this?
I have no clue.
Gunther, does NTC also take into account moon phase and rise/set during the night for exposure?
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