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More flicker questions... - liquidgabe - 2018-06-30

Shot with an auto lens the other day and got the dreaded aperture fluctuations. I thought I'd give LRTimelapse a shot to see how it handled them. Sadly, I've done multiple passes and refined and selected the most consistent area of the frame to do the analysis but I still have not had any luck. I got a trial of GBDeflicker as well which knocked it right out but I'd rather put my money into LRTimelapse for its other features if I can get it to work.


(or just download it without Dropbox's horrible playback)

RE: More flicker questions... - gwegner - 2018-06-30

I think you did too much kontrast editing (whites, black, dehaze, clarity) in Lightroom and therefore Lightroom introduced contrast flicker that cannot easily be removed on a raw file basis. Try editing less and LRTimelapse will give you perfect results on brightness filcker when you use reference area (choose a large area on the sky) and do some refine passes.
Rule of thumb: If the pink curve is smooth, LRTimelapse did a perfect job on brightness-flicker. If you still see flicker, it's contrast flicker that has been intruduced by editing.

RE: More flicker questions... - liquidgabe - 2018-06-30

That makes sense, I'll try again. Thanks!