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Distance ramping with TLSMC and Pro Timer - Sheeba - 2018-07-30

Hello Gunther, hello people,
my Timelapse Stepper Motor Controller has been rebuilt 12 times. Partly with my support, but also without. Unfortunately, all users are not members of the forum.
As a first response, I got the info that the ramping function has no effect on the video. I used Gunther's interval ramping. A separate attempt has confirmed that. Especially with close objects and little movement, changing the interval during the vertical movement does not show any effect in the video. So I implemetetd an Distance Ramping. In this case, only the number of stepps = exposures in which the ramping is to take place is determined in a screen. By the previously set number of shots and the set length of the slider distance, the distance per step is calculated. The ramping then starts at 0 mm and is gradually increased until the calculated distance per step is reached when reaching the ramping step. Ramping Up !! Just as many steps before the end of the sequence, a down ramping is started, which gradually reduces the distance until it reaches 0 mm at the end.
Here you can watch a demo video of the function.

In the ramping screen, up ramping is indicated by ↗ and down ramping by ↘.

The modified software for the Pro Timer is attached
I look forward to your comments.