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Filter Images Freezes Up Program - jm001 - 2018-11-28


Forgive me if I've posted in the wrong forum, but I suspect this may be a bug, with no simple fix.

As usual to start, love LRT, been using it for a few years now. Starting to work on longer-term captures. I'm working on a sequence of about 10k images, they are all easy to playback jpeg images. I am using the long-term workflow. Every time I go to hit the "filter images" button (after setting my parameters) LRtimelapse will freeze for about 5 minutes, and then the dialogue box asking me to confirm the removal of images will pop-up. I then click OK and everything continues to function.

This 5 minute wait every-time is a pretty frustrating way to edit my sequence waiting on the confirm dialogue box to click OK. Not sure what to do to fix this, tried rebooting and closing other apps, I'm running LRT Pro 5.0.9 on a relatively fast computer (Quad core i7 3.4 ghz, 16 gb ram, Nvidia 1050 ti graphics card, all image data for LRT being pulled from fast SSD)

On another note, is there any way to playback my sequence from any place in the sequence rather than always having to start at the beginning when clicking play? I'm editing long sequences here around 6 minutes, and want see my changes at various sections near then end, LRT forces me to watch the whole thing everytime I want to playback/preview.

Thanks for building a great program Gunther, hopefully the issue I'm having will be easy to sort out. I have a lot of these to edit.

RE: Filter Images Freezes Up Program - gwegner - 2018-11-29

Did you increase the memory provided to LRT on a mac? This is necessary if you are using such large image sequences and described in the faq:

Playing from the actual position is possible when pressing "Shift" when clicking on play. You can also make a selection, LRT will then keep playing the selection in a loop.

RE: Filter Images Freezes Up Program - jm001 - 2018-12-12

I tried increasing the memory requirements quite significantly initially when trying to troubleshoot what could be causing the issue. While it did speed everything up overall - it didn't seem to have an effect on the delayed pop-up box issue when clicking filter images. I also just updated to 5.1.0 and the issue is still there.

Do you think this is a bug of some sort, or just a result of huge sequences? It would be nice to maybe have a progress bar or something if having to wait is just the way the software works.

RE: Filter Images Freezes Up Program - gwegner - 2018-12-13

How many images are you processing?
When exactly do you get the wait time? Normally when you click on "Filter images" you will get a dialog to confirm that the filtered images will get moved. Do you get the wait time before the dialog appears?
I might have an idea for a reason, please send me the log file after you did the filtering and the wait time happened (you'll find it in the info menu/show log).