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Panning speed thoughts - - 2018-11-29

I recently started shooting timelapse sequences. This is my first tries using. Syrp Genie II tilt/pan head.

Note that the pan speed on a couple is way too fast. I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation or best practice on degrees per second panning speed.

Also, any constructive critiques would be welcome. I’ve already been in touch with Syrp support on some of the jerky pans, they are working on a firmware fix.

RE: Panning speed thoughts - rodrigo - 2018-11-29

Have you tried 15° per hour. I would suggest that as a start for experimenting. 15° x 24=360°. Regards, Rodrigo.

RE: Panning speed thoughts - rodrigo - 2018-11-29

That's is beautiful, I think I recognized the tall tower, though I never been there, isn't the one from the film Mackena's Gold?.
Anyway try 15° an hour.