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My assembly of the Pro Timer - ramigrafx - 2018-12-01

I thought that I would let anyone interested have a look at the Pro timer that I have made. Not having a 3D printer at the time and being unable to source a suitable box I decided to make mine out of clear Perspex. The only soldering done was on the display shield which was to fix headers pointing downwards so that they would not be in the way. All of my connections to the board and the Arduino were then made with push on connectors which made it very easy to wire up the project. The buttons were made by drilling 5.5mm holes though the Perspex over the buttons on the shield and using 5mm round Perspex rod held in place by 4mm nitryl o rings on the lower end to stop them falling out. I have all of the buttons accessible, but to prevent accidentally pressing the two outer ones they are set flush with the surface of the box
I use a Sony camera which needs both the focus and the shutter to be activated. Initially I used Gunther's method of triggering the camera using one transistor and joining the focus and shutter together. However with version 0.93/2 the focus and shutter are triggered separately so I use a transistor for each. It works a treat.

RE: My assembly of the Pro Timer - gwegner - 2018-12-01

Thanks for sharing! ;-)