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Sony A7 series timelapse feedback. - latsap - 2019-01-06

Hi all,

I've currently been using 2-4 canons for timelapse productions in conjunction with qdslr dashboard.

I'm contemplating switching these over to Sonys so we can 'grade' the cameras more closely to the Sony Video footage we are producing from the A7s.
The Dynamic range would also be of benefit.

I'm really interested in hearing from people that have been using the A7 cameras (MkI, II or III) for timelapse work and what their positive and negative feedback on suitablility / useability etc.

Ideally, I'd go for the Mk I or II cameras as these can be had relatively inexpensively. The Mk III has obvious benefits with the 2x USB ports, but purchasing 3 of these isn't a financially viable option right now.

Many thanks everyone.



RE: Sony A7 series timelapse feedback. - gwegner - 2019-01-06

Hi Andrew, I for myself don't have practical experience from Sony with qDDB. But check out the forum via the search feature: there are a couple of threads with experiences from sony users. I've linked one in the faq also I guess.