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Reload and start over - gmhatfield - 2019-01-11

I have gone through the rendering of the video, but then I went back into Lightroom and made some changes (crop). I resaved the metadata and now I want to bring this revised metadata into LRTimelapse and reform the transitions and visual previews. How is that done?


P.S. I did look for an answer in previous forum posts, but when I used "search" I appeared to get a web search rather than a forum search. I looked for a printed manual, but no luck there either.

RE: Reload and start over - gwegner - 2019-01-12

After saving the metadata in Lightroom just continue with the second workflow row in LRTimelapse: Reload, Auto transition etc.
BTW: The forum search powered by google might reveal some advertising links first but after that you'll get all the relevant forum entries.