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Key Frames - redhdrex - 2019-01-18

When I import from LRT to Lightroom, the key frames do not load as ****. I have to copy the numbers down and enter them in manually. How do I change this? Thanks in advance.

RE: Key Frames - gwegner - 2019-01-18

Please see this faq:

RE: Key Frames - redhdrex - 2019-01-19

I'm using Lightroom 8.1
Camera Raw 11.1
LRT 5.1.1

I tried your sequence listed above and even after changing the Exposure 2012 Value, I'm still seeing no keyframes. I've been setting them manually.
I no I'm probably doing something wrong but, would appreciate some more assistance.

Key Frames - gwegner - 2019-01-19

All known reasons for this are listed in the faq article.
You might be working on different folders, you might have forgotten to read metadata. At the end of the faq there is a step by step troubleshooting, please do that to figure out what's happening. It's definitely not normal.