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What's my mistake? - Holy Mountain - 2019-01-25

Hey everyone,
I hope you can help me. I shoot different timelapses and every time I got the same problem, when shooting in the Holy Grail method. At the end you see the different steps of the camera adjustments. I loaded some example to Vimeo to show you the problem. This is just the raw footage edited with LR Timelapse. I did no changes in LR to exclude this as a possible cause of error. In LR Timelapse I used the highest amount of deflicker smoothness and I selected Multi-Pass-Deflicker with 6 runs.
I tried almost everything. I set different areas for deflicker and played with the values of Multi-Pass-Deflicker and added motion blur. But nothing of that changed something.

Can anyone help me? What did I wrong? Where is the problem in my workflow?
In the past I could solve this problem just by grade every picture of the timelapse by hand... But I really want to avoid this Big Grin

All the best!

RE: What's my mistake? - gwegner - 2019-01-25

Your Sky is overexposed. The Red Channel is blown, that's why you get the "Pumping" effects. See faq:
In such cases try exposing less (bring up the shadows later when editing) and use the smalles adjustments of 1/3 stops only.
And by the way: you won't be able to correct this "by hand" since it's just missing information in those shots that you cannot recover.

Apart from that the pan is too fast, you should make it much slower. For such fast pan's I'd not recommend using Motion Blur Plus since this will blur the movement and make it unsharp.

RE: What's my mistake? - Holy Mountain - 2019-01-25

Thank you Gunther for your reply!
So there is no way to save this timelapse?

Edit: So I checked the pictures again. So the first "pumping" occurs in the first Holy Grail Step. In this picture nothing is over exposed (I checked it with the LR Histogramm) and there is no sun in the picture...

RE: What's my mistake? - gwegner - 2019-01-25

As it's written in the faq, you can try to lower the highlights when editing the keyframes, make everything a bit darker in order to save the highlights. I don't know, if the highlights are present in your raw files - I can only see the result and there you have clipping.