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LR Exporter - "temp" folder / file-naming issue - martinheck - 2019-02-03

There seems to be an issue when exporting multiple sequences from LR with the LRT exporter:
Folders marked, frames from those folders also all marked, then just exporting to tiff with the LRT exporter (no "overwrite, skip etc". chosen. Just "skip rendering in LRT" marked)

If it happens that some of the sequences have been shot at the same time (but with different cameras obviously) the sorting naturally isn't in sequential order anymore since its sorted by capture date. So shots from different folders/sequences are interleaving in the overall selection for export.
Once the exports process gets to those pictures, it writes those frames to a temp folder on C: (C:\Users\martin\AppData\Local\Temp\E5F5DF84-AB04-4200-A18F-E064836DBDDE). Obviously the C: disk gets full in no time and the export will stop.
Maybe this happens due to another issue. I'm not 100% sure. It just starts writing to the temp folder at some point.

Trying to resume the export with the "skip existing images" option ends up in the same way. The photos in there have the frame numbers from the selection in LR (if you have 6000 frames from 4 folders for example it will just number them LRT_00001-06000.tiff), not the "correct" frame numbers from each folder/sequence.
All those end up in the temp folder as well.

If you try to resume a single sequence instead it will start rendering from the beginning. But instead of not rendering existing files it renders those anyway and writes them to the temp folder where they stay. This has the same effect as just rendering from start again since its actually renders even existing files. Frames that do not exist yet get written normaly as they should.

RE: LR Exporter - "temp" folder / file-naming issue - gwegner - 2019-02-03

I'm not sure under which circumstance Lightroom uses the temp folder and to which extent. I'm also not sure if that's something I can control. One thing you should do is to point the windows temp folder to a drive with enough space, you can change the location of the windows temp folder in the windows settings.
I'm currently traveling, will back in one week and then try to reproduce those problems, if you get any further insights in the mean time, let me know.