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Need to change folder - Tru-image - 2019-02-11

By default LRTimelapse starts in the wrong place, and then of course it wants to analyze everything on the way to where I need it to start. I am importing my photos to a storage drive and I need LRTimelpase to start in a particular folder on that drive. How do I make this happen?

RE: Need to change folder - gwegner - 2019-02-11

Currently LRT 5.1.1 doesn't seem to remember the last folder, I will fix this for the next update (it's already in the Bug-Reports board).
But - to go where you want to go, there is no need to load every folder (and have LRT "analyzing" everything) - just use the small triangles in the folder tree to reveal the subfolders. You only need to load the folder you are going to work on.

RE: Need to change folder - Tru-image - 2019-02-11

Thanks, next time I will try this.