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Office demolition/construction timelapse - technovangelist - 2019-04-09

This is a scary place to post a first real many amazing videos on here.

Anyway, this is the result of a 6 month timelapse. 10 cameras duct taped to windows for the demolition and rebuild of my company's new Boston office. The challenge was that I could only access the space every couple of weeks, I had no access to power, and there is super fine dust everywhere along with spray painting, the stuff they spray on ceilings, occasional construction materials flying, etc.

I ended up using 15-20 raspberry pi zero w's with camera modules. Only 10 in use at a time but several were destroyed in the process. For the first 2 months during demolition, I was taking a picture every minute. For the last 4 months it was every 4 minutes.

The benefit of using the pi's was super low power requirement. Using an extra power management board I found from Czech Republic, a single 26000 mAh USB battery could power the camera for 3 weeks, though that decreased over the time of the project. I needed lots of batteries, since recharging takes a while and i don't want to be down for long.

Some of the issues I had to deal with were obstructions in view for weeks, plastic put over the windows (and my cameras) to prevent heat loss (it was winter time in Boston), painted over lenses, and more.

And as an evangelist for the company, I am always on the road, speaking at big events in front of thousands, and then we adopted a baby girl. So it took a year to put together. The biggest chunk of time was spent converting about a million jpg images to video files.