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NEW! LRTimelapse Pro Timer free Max - Sheeba - 2019-05-23

Hello Gunther, hello people,
After my firmware LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_Free1.11 almost reached the limit of the available space of the UNO, I was looking for ways to use a microcontroller with more space. The solution was to use an Arduino MEGA 2560. But since the original MEGA 2560 board is a lot bigger than the UNO board, I decided to use a MEGA 2560 mini and to develop a special board on which all components for the ProTimer are housed, so no soldering required!! This board is a bit bigger than the UNU board, but fits the space requirements of the UNO board including the plug and the switch.
To make the construction even easier, I got support from the forum user Wolfgang Pernet, who has extended the 3D keypad so that it can be attached to the display. Many thanks to Wolfgang, who also provides the STM file of the keypad.
With space now in abundance, I combined my LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_Free1.11 firmware version with the LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_Free_SMC_1.13 release and some enhancements, and created an “all-in-one” version.

Here is a functions overview of this all in one PTM Software

The new LRT Pro Timer MAX is all in one:
Motion Timelapse Controller
Focus Stacking Controller
Camera Trigger via Sensors for Timelapse, Single Exposure and high-Speed Capturing

Pro Timer Max Features:

• Hardware Features
• Compact mainboard with all components
• 2 camera ports for synchronized recording
• Camera port 2 alternatively for communication with TLSMC or connection of sensors
• Internal power supply via a 9V battery
• External power supply 9 - 12V

• All functions of the firmware Pro Timer free 1.10 available (Intervalometer)
• Timelapse (M) and Timelpase Bulb (Astro)
• Single and Bulb Exposure
• Setup menu with many settings
• Event controlled Timelapse and single exposure via connectable sensors
• for example, Construction progress TL and recording only on day with light sensor
• Single Exposure triggered via light sensor -> Flashlight capturing
• Alternatively, flash control via sensor triggered -> high speed capture

• All functions of the firmware LRT Pro Timer Free SMC (Motion Timelapse)

• A connected TLSMC is detected automatically
• Motion Timelapse with TLSMC
• Distance ramping
• 2 & 3 axes timelapse in combination with a panorama head (Syrp Genie Mini)
• Constant slider drive with adjustable speed (video recording)
•NEW!! Focus stacking with 0.1mm increments (especially for macro stacking)

• Simple construction without soldering!!
• The PTM board contains all components
• Mounting in the housing using the nuts on the camera jacks
• Keypad is a 3D printing part

In the attached PDF you can find detailed information about the PTM Board. I will build a pair of samples, calculate and then offer you the finished board. Also, I will make all files such as software and 3D printing file available.

Shortly I will also present my new version of the TLSMC, which includes some improvements and is specifically designed for use with the PTM.

If you are interested and if you have any questions, please PM or email.
Regards, Hans

Update Pro Timer Max.
I offer you the ready constructed and tested board for 29,50 €.
The display to be used is identical to the previous version of the Pro Timer.
Attached you will find the software which can also test on a MEGA 2560 board with display. Also attached is the STL file as Zip! by Wolfgang Pernet, which you can easily adapt to your case.

RE: NEW! LRTimelapse Pro Timer free Max - yimiblu - 2019-05-24

What an extraordinary job you are doing!
Your project has advanced in an extraordinary way. Congratulations!
This last version seems to be really a perfect product for anyone who wants an all-in-one tool that is really portable, simple, and well thought out. And I love how compact it looks.

I already enjoy one of your previous versions and I am delighted for now, but I hope to continue enjoying your present and future inventions.

In combination with your TLCMC2.0 you do not need more to enjoy many hours of photographic experimentation, advanced timelapse, etc.

You have my ovation.


RE: NEW! LRTimelapse Pro Timer free Max - Sheeba - 2019-05-27

Javi, thank you for your nice Feedback,

RE: NEW! LRTimelapse Pro Timer free Max - ramigrafx - 2019-06-25

Hi Hans, This looks very interesting. I am looking forward to the build.

RE: NEW! LRTimelapse Pro Timer free Max - Sheeba - 2019-07-01

Hi Richard, thanks for your feedback. It would be very interesting to see how my implementation of the Focus Stacking feature meets your requirements and how it works with your hardware. The PCBs with the latest changes are currently in production. In about 2 weeks devices will be available. Let me know if that would be interesting for you.

RE: NEW! LRTimelapse Pro Timer free Max - ramigrafx - 2019-07-02

Hi Hans,
I have almost all of the components available .. Do you have a circuit diagram?