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Powerbank with NO auto shutdown - storm303 - 2019-06-11

Hi all,

Looking for powerbank suggestions of at least 12000mah (3.7V measured) that have a power switch, do NOT auto shutdown, and reasonable form factor (not large flat objects).

Reason I need this is I'm now using a case relay system from Tether Tools that does not play well with auto shutdown on power banks.

Can anyone suggest reputable, large capacity banks that do not shut down, and are not silly form factors like giant square shapes? (Are XT and PowerAdd or the DP rebrand 23000mah giant rectangles really the only option?!)

Powerbank with NO auto shutdown - gwegner - 2019-06-11

Xtpower 23000 is what I use.

RE: Powerbank with NO auto shutdown - storm303 - 2019-06-12

Thanks. The XT is definitely an option (same designs as that resold by DP, or PowerAdd).

I just found products on Amazon from a generic brand TalentCell that has switched outputs and compact form factor with several large banks on offer. The charge controller IC (forgot which one) seems typical with all the right features in the datasheet. The cells are LG brand 16580. So far it is working well.