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Holy Grail not working - MelaniW - 2019-07-04

When I start to edit my sequence I see the curves for the Holy Grail edits but when I do the second row that disappears and the light levels in the preview jump with every camera setting change. I have started over several times to try to fix this. I just re watched the tutorial and don't see anything I missed.

RE: Holy Grail not working - gwegner - 2019-07-04

So after doing the "Holy Grail Wizard", you get the orange curve, right? Then you save and edit your keyframes in Lightroom. Make sure to use the sync script, when bringing the settings to the next keyframe.
After editing, you save the metadata for the keyframes and go back to LRT. Reload. Now you should still see the orange holy grail curve (mirrored to the blue one). That means, the compensations are applied.
It can happen, that after creating the visual previews, you still see some "steps" in the pink curve. That can happen due to heavy editing in LR, not very accurate exif data from your camera etc. But don't worry, just apply the visual deflicker and use one or more refine steps until the pink curve is smooth.

Should your problems persist, please attach some screenshots.