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Feature request - screensaver - Clear Skies - 2019-08-29

Hi Gunther,

I like the screensaver function of the LR Pro Timer, as I often setup timelapses in the vicinity of my telescope during an observing run. Not having the relatively bright screen creating unwanted light is desirable. It would therefor be nice if the screensaver is available, too, for a Timed or Custom timelapse. In essence, the sequence for a timed timelapse (with a specified start time) is running once started, even though the camera has yet to start clicking. While counting down, the display remains on. Would be nice if a screensaver could be enabled while counting down.



RE: Feature request - screensaver - gwegner - 2019-08-29

Just turn the knob while shooting. After 1 or 2 clicks, the screen is off. Another click and it's on again. Better than the screensaver (which is only for the time, when you are not shooting). Check out the manual, it's explained there!

RE: Feature request - screensaver - Clear Skies - 2019-08-30

Thanks, but this request is not for a screensaver while shooting. It is for a screensaver for when the timer is counting down towards the moment the shooting starts. Would be nice if the screen could then be set to off with a click, identical to when it is shooting.