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Low light deflicker - lage - 2019-09-07

This is a repost of a question i asked in the thread below than hasn't been answered:

Nearly all my timelapse shooting are done in low light conditions, very low light, like aurora and other night shooting.
There are simply no brighter areas to use as reference area, and LRT can't handle deflickering at low luminance levels, it seems.
Either the granularity of the luminance levels are too coarse, or LRT is doing the calculations too rough, not using all 3 decimals of the luminance values.

So what can be done to improve deflicker processing with low light reference areas?

Best regards,

RE: Low light deflicker - gwegner - 2019-09-07

Visual deflicker will operate on the developed images. So if you have to push them in development to make them brighter, visual deflicker will operate on those images. I shoot a lot of aurora and milky way timelapse. And never had any problems using the visual deflicker on them. So please post some example screenshots, to clarify what you mean.