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No Suitable Image Sequence Found !! - Mikeauknz - 2019-09-09

I have the LRT private version and love using it, most days for some complex time-lapses.

So I got excited and updated today to the latest version 5.3 and tried to process a timelapse using jpg's from a go pro 7 which I have been doing for several weeks successfully..

please look at the error message..

Is it a bug or am I in error



RE: No Suitable Image Sequence Found !! - gwegner - 2019-09-09

If you post in the forum there is no need to send me a direct email. Anyway, I'm copying my answer here:
are you trying to render directly via file/render?

The normal process with editing is to start in LRTimelapse, do the first workflow row, then go to Lightroom etc. and export from there.
See my tutorials:

In your case it seems, you directly went to File / Render Video - this will then be totally independently from the sequence loaded in the main window of LRT.
Basically you skip all the editing that way and only assemble a folder of images to a video. If you want to do that, you need to click on "select" in the render dialog and choose a folder with jpgs.