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Best interval? - Gerax - 2019-10-08

What criteria do you use to decide what interval to set between exposures? I usually hover between 10 to 15 seconds for daytime or sunset sequences.


RE: Best interval? - gwegner - 2019-10-08

I think that's too long for most of the daytime stuff.
I mostly use 4-5 seconds during daytime, but it depends on the focal length and the speed of movement and subject.
I recommend to choose an interval, then make 2 images and switch back and forth on the display. If you see a big difference (more then 1-2 mm) it's too long, then shorten it. If you don't see any difference, it's too short, make it longer. Then try again.

RE: Best interval? - Gerax - 2019-10-09

I'll try your approach and see, thanx for the input.