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IPad pro - abdullahalmarar - 2019-10-09

Hello, i would like to ask what are the possibilities of integrating lrtimelapse to iPad?
In the past year I been using my laptop less for editing and started using my iPad pro with LR and Affenity the only time I use my laptop is when I want to process a timelapse. I'm not sure if it's possible to make plug ins for the iPad version of lr

RE: IPad pro - gwegner - 2019-10-09

Hi, LRTimelapse needs a lot of processing power and memory which cannot be provided by tablet computers. Also it needs a desktop version of Lightroom (Classic) to operate. That's why you can't use it on an iPad.

RE: IPad pro - Bernard Dery - 2019-10-17

And for Surface Pro X (ARM chipset) ?

RE: IPad pro - gwegner - 2019-10-17

if there's a Windows OS running on that device, and Lightroom (Classic) works, LRTimelapse should also work.
I mean, there is a free test version available, so please feel free to test it by yourself. I cannot know every type of hardware that exists... :-)