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CDMX - Mexico City Time-Lapse - Zoeperkoe - 2015-09-01

Hi all,

I had the opportunity to spend some time in Mexico City and I used most of my free hours to shoot timelapses and hyperlapses. This little portrait is the result. Enjoy it and feel free to comment and share!

I had to shoot a lot of sequences as handheld hyperlapses (even where I had not necessarily planned a hyperlapse), as the police told me on several occasions that I could not use a tripod. Shooting HL handheld was a new experience, as I usually shoot with a tripod. Handheld worked actually pretty well for the forward moving hyperlapses, but for side-ways movement I will definitely continue to use a tripod, as the footage is much steadier and easier to stabilize.

I also lost my darkest ND filter during this project, which meant I had to improvise a bit and some sequences are not as smooth as I would have liked them, especially since the daylight could be very harsh at times.

Otherwise this project was great: a city like Mexico City provides photography opportunities that I do not find at home, and for me it was an eye-opener to see how much footage you can collect in just a few days, even in a city where I've never been before.

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RE: CDMX - Mexico City Time-Lapse - richparry - 2015-09-02

Well done. Hard to believe you shot it in a few days, I would have guessed it took months to shoot and edit. I'm impressed with your handheld hyper lapse work.

RE: CDMX - Mexico City Time-Lapse - Zoeperkoe - 2015-09-02

Thanks! And I even had time to visit the archaeological museum, which, as you can imagine, is really huge Wink

It helped that I already had a lot of experience in doing hyperlapse (including boatlapses, where you also have less control over the camera than when you shoot with a tripod), so I sort of knew what would work and what probably wouldn't. Even so it was still sort of a gamble, as I hadn't shot handheld before and I could only do any post-processing after I returned home.