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export button grayed out - MIHADEN - 2015-09-09

my export button is grayed  out when i want to export my pictures to lrtimelapse from lightroom i am attaching a screen shot
thank you

RE: export button grayed out - gwegner - 2015-09-09

Obvioulsy the LRTimelapse app can not be found under Applications/LRTimelapse

Please check, if the name is right and you have the LRTimelapse app in the Applications folder. You might use the "Select" button to locate it.

RE: export button grayed out - MIHADEN - 2015-09-20

Hello Gunther  can you tell me why  my lrtimelapse 3 still in my aplication folder dispite i upgraded to lrtimmelapse 4  but in my aplication folder i do not finf lrtimelapse 4  
[attachment=1200][attachment=1200][attachment=1200]thank you

RE: export button grayed out - gwegner - 2015-09-20

Hi, I assume only the name is wrong. This sometimes happens on Mac. To fix it, make a spotlight search for LRT4 and trash all instances of LRTimelapse, then reinstall the latest one.