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Anyone using the Rhino Motion for TL?

#51 N8ture
I'm headed to Utah in a couple of weeks. Hope they release it soon!
#52 N8ture
Latest news from today
Hi Kevin,

Great question! We should be releasing it within the next week or two. I don't have a firm date just yet, but we have completed beta testing and our development team is finishing up the process this week. Keep an eye out on our support page for an update once the firmware is released, if you don't see an update by the beginning of next week feel free to reach out to me, I can share the BETA version with you for your trip. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any additional questions.

#53 vliegmeer
The latest firmware is out

Added a new time lapse menu called "Classic", Advanced Time-Lapse now allows you to directly change interval and number of shots while keeping “duration” and “playback time”.
Improved reliability to Motion's Advanced Time-Lapse.
Updated the Update Firmware screen
Fixed a bug where SD Cards would not recognize on the first try.
Fixed bug where Arc would over-pan for long time-lapses.
Fixed some bugs where Advanced Time-Lapse moves, with ARC, would sometimes jerk.

unforunately i just bought the rhino bundle two weeks ago and the motion controller is faulty. it is shutting down randomly, so its not useable at all. rhino support is responsing quite slow, but i hope to get a replacement unit as soon as possible. update to 1.53 also didn't help to fix the issue.
#54 hink10
I just upgraded the firmware and am able to set interval. I'm using a 20 second shutter speed with a 25 second interval. Anyway, just doing some testing with the camera set to manual. When I start the TL, the first shutter doesn't fire for 12-13 seconds, about 1/2 the interval time. From there, it will then move during exposure so it's out of sync. Works fine if set to bulb mode, but that won't let me change shutter speed if needed? I'm new to the slider and going to a night sky workshop in the Badlands National Park later this week. I won't be doing any shutter changes at night but may want to for the sunset TL. Any idea why there is a delay and out of sync?
#55 Kenti
Hi, what is the slowest possible TL with the Rhino from one side to the other (how many hours?) Thanks.

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