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Using LRTimelapse in a firework timelapse sequence

#1 ecobcg
I use LRTimelapse for my timelapse sequences, and i have one doubt.

With fireworks timelapse sequences (or even with lightningstorms sequences), it's normal that in the firework burst frame, or in the lightning frame, those frames will be lighter than the ones without lightnings or firework (or with different firework intensity).

For these sequences, do you advise us to use LRTimelapse the same way?
I'm trying to use it, but i get some flickering even after aplying the deflicker....wich seems normal, because i have some frames with fireworks or lightnings, and some dark ones without those subjects...

What do you advise or what is the trick? 

Thank you.
#2 gwegner
Of course, if you deflicker sequences, that have natural "flicker" (fireworks for example) - you will most likely introduce flicker in other parts. I'd suggest not using deflicker for such sequences, since most likely you won't be able to define a reference area for the deflicker, that is not affected from that lightning or firework.
So just use the normal workflow but skip the deflicker.
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#3 ecobcg
Thank you for your answer.

As i thought... it's better not to deflicker those kind of scenes.... i was trying to deflicker mainly the foreground area that was not affected by the light of the firework.. but it's hard to find a specific area like that...


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